FurBabyFeeder Automatic Microchip Pet Feeder - Uses RFID Collar Tag - Multi Pet

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Introducing our new Automatic Microchip Pet Feeder by Furbabyfeeder

Furbabyfeeder upgraded their multi pet RFID Microchip Feeder Station based on customer feedback! This Automatic Pet Feeder has the capability of recognizing specific pets and only allowing them to access the food. Keep your pet healthy with this innovative feeder of furbabyfeeder.

So not only will our RFID pet feeder help keep your pet healthy and well-fed, it will also bring peace of mind knowing that only the intended pet has access to their food. Get yours today and give your furry friend the best care possible!

How Furbabyfeeder works

As your pet approaches the pet feeder it opens for a designated pet by picking up on included RFID collar tag. It then automatically closes when the pet moves away, preventing all other animals and children gaining access to their food. It is the perfect way to stop pets from stealing each other's food.

Microchip Feeder Features:

  • Use Authorized RFID Identification & Infrared Sensor technology
  • Unique design for Multi-pet
  • Support 32 pet identities in memory, RFID
  • Rewritable Tags
  • Sealed food bowl
  • Dual Power supply, 4 x C cell batteries (not included) & DC5V USB power.
  • Battery powering is for a short period of time. USB powering is recommended for best performance.
  • ONLY WORKS WITH RFID TAG: This feeder DOES NOT work with pet’s internal chip ONLY with included RFID Tags.
  • Timer features NOT available in this unit. 
  • Bowl capacity 1L
  • Feeder Unit measures 16" x 9.5" x 3"
  • Dish Size 6.5" x 5" x 2"

What's included in microchip cat feeder

  • Furbabyfeeder Pet Feeder
  • Single Grey Bowl (1000 ML capacity)
  • User Manual
  • 2 x furbabyfeeder RFID Collar Tags
  • Dual Power Supply (DC5V USB power)

Multi Pet RFID Tag:

RFID writeable tag feature can help prevent greedy pets from becoming overweight and give the feeder access to the right pet using the RFID tag collar.


Automatic self-feeding microchip cat feeder is made of food-grade ABS materials + PP bowl+ PC lid and harmless to humans and pets.


Furbabyfeeder introducing new RFID Microchip feeding station for cats and small dogs. This microchip feeder for multiple cats has the capability of recognizing specific pets and only allowing them to access the food.


LCD DISPLAY: Simple to use Menu. Forget which pets have access? Just use the factory reset feature and reset the feeder. RFID tags will have to be registered to feeder again.

Download User Manual

Customer Reviews

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 4
    Theft bar works

    Posted by Bethany on 13th Feb 2024

    The theft bar works well, wish the rfid range was bit wider .

  • 4
    Great for cats.

    Posted by Douglas Lowin on 7th Jan 2024

    We have one for each cat and works great for their different diets.

  • 5
    Amazing Product

    Posted by Charissa Hapner on 26th Dec 2023

    What an amazing purchase! This product comes with extra tags so multiple pets can use one with no interference. My cats both adjusted very easily. Works so well and very easy to get it set up. In love with this purchase!

  • 5
    Life changing!

    Posted by Katherine Schwartz on 23rd Dec 2023

    This little machine is amazing. I have one cat who is eight years old, Camille, and she has always been an over eater. We once went on a weight loss journey and she lost 4 pounds going from 15 pounds to 10 pounds. She will eat anything put in front of her. She is on an automatic feeder and occasional hand feeding. Fast forward to when I got my other one, Elsie, who tends to graze most of the time and is the pickiest of eaters, Camille started gaining weight from stealing Elsie’s food, and I was bound to my house, giving four feedings a day, because Camille cannot have a bowl left out for her or she will eat the whole thing and throw it up. When I worked close to home, it was fine because I would come home at lunch to feed them, but when I got a new job downtown, I could no longer do that. I would leave a bowl under the bed for Elsie, hoping that Camille would not find it, but I had no idea of knowing whether or not Elsie was able to eat during the day! Camille was looking fatter. Much fatter. I had to find a solution! I tried a really expensive machine that Elsie just would not get used to. She was afraid of the motor sound, and didn’t like walking into the deep contraption with walls on both sides, and after a month of trying to train her I had to send the machine back. I had almost bought this one in the first place, but had gone with that different model and I’m so glad that I tried this one out. I do wish that it worked with the microchip that’s implanted in the cat, not the tag reader, but it still does the trick. It took Elsie about a week and a half to really get used to this machine, but once she did, oh my stars, my life has simplified so much! For really skittish cats like my Elsie, I suggest putting the food in the bowl outside of the feeder and bringing it closer and closer so they can get used to the motor sound, then slowly get the bowl back into its place in the machine. This whole process took about a week or so with some setbacks when she’d get scared. But now I no longer have to worry about being gone all day if I’m working downtown and doing something after work. I know that my other automatic feeder will feed Camille at her designated times, and this perfect little feeder will allow Elsie to graze to her heart’s content, and will not allow Camille to get into it! Camille is a very, very smart cat, and Elsie, bless her, is not as intelligently gifted. I was worried she wouldn’t figure it out, but the little nugget did! And Camille can still not get into it. The motor is definitely something you can hear but it’s not so loud that it seems to scare her. I feel like I would be comfortable now going on a day trip or an overnight trip in a pinch, knowing they will still be fed. I’m very pleased with this! It has really made my life so much easier and I’ve even noticed Elsie being more confident lately. Camille would always strong arm her and get her leftovers when she wasn’t ready to stop eating. Anyway, this is a novel, but if anyone is hesitating on this, I really say go for it. It has been a game changer for me.

  • 4
    special cat

    Posted by Sunny on 9th Dec 2023

    Lady took to this new way of eating Her medicated food quickly

  • 5
    Bar to prevent smart pets

    Posted by Catherine on 19th Oct 2023

    We recently added a new rescue kitten to the family and bought the feeder to keep the older cat (on a special diet) away from the kitten food. The problem: older cat (16 lb beast) was able to open the feeder manually with her paw! Contacted Customer Service and they sent me a bar that prevents her from opening! Works perfectly. They'll be adding this bar as a feature on future models. Great customer service!

  • 5
    Perfect solution

    Posted by Kathleen on 19th Sep 2023

    This feeder is exactly what I needed for my 2 cats. I have one cat that has medication added to his food and another cat that eats regular food. This allows each cat to eat their own food. I bought a white one and blue one. It only took a couple days for the cats to get used to the feeder and it definitely is a lifesaver.

  • 4
    Furbaby Feeder and eoutletdeals

    Posted by mark lipkus on 31st Aug 2023

    Well built and fast delivery.Two separate power options are a + Great service from both FurBaby and eOutletDeals.

  • 5
    excellent customer service

    Posted by Carolyn on 25th Aug 2023

    Ordered three of the pet feeders. One was not functioning properly. Contacted customer service to discuss issue. They were very timely in their assistance and after trying a couple of things, determined the item should be replaced. The replacement shipment was expedited. This is how excellent customer service should be executed. Well done !