our new Automatic Microchip Pet Feeder by FurBabyFeeder

FurBabyFeeder upgraded their multi pet RFID Microchip Feeding Station based on customer feedback! This Automatic Pet Feeder has the capability of recognizing specific pets and only allowing them to access the food. Keep your pet healthy with this innovative feeder.

So not only will our RFID pet feeder help keep your pet healthy and well-fed, it will also bring peace of mind knowing that only the intended pet has access to their food. Get yours today and give your furry friend the best care possible!

How It works

As your pet approaches the pet feeder it opens for a designated pet by picking up on included RFID collar tag.

It then automatically closes when the pet moves away, preventing all other animals and children gaining access to their food.

It is the perfect way to stop pets from stealing each other's food.

What's included:

  • FurBabyFeeder Pet Feeder
  • 2 x FurBabyFeeder RFID Collar Tags
  • Single Grey Bowl (1000 ML capacity)
  • Dual Power Supply (DC5V USB power)
  • User Manual
  • Multi Pet RFID Tag: RFID writeable tag feature can help prevent greedy pets from becoming overweight and give the feeder access to the right pet using the RFID tag collar.
  • Material: Automatic self-feeding cat feeder is made of food-grade ABS materials + PP bowl+ PC lid and harmless to humans and pets
  • Improved Feeder: FurBabyFeeder introducing new RFID Microchip feeding station for cats & small dogs. This cat food dispenser has the capability of recognizing specific pets & only allowing them to access the food.
  • Updated Software: LCD DISPLAY: Simple to use Menu. Forget which pets have access? Just use the factory reset feature and reset the feeder. RFID tags will have to be registered to feeder again.
Download User Manual

With the 'Loki', 'Thor', and 'Odin' feeders in action, my cats can't raid each other's meals. Meal time has gone from chaos to comedy!

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

customer reviews

Absolutely love this for my cat. She's on a prescription diet and for some reason my other cat loves her food. This feeder allows me to have the flexibility of having her prescription food out all day long.

- Tammy

Good product, well packaged and fast delivery. I love this feeder, it's got a lot of the programmable options I got 2 cats,.one on a special diet & another that steals his food.

- Polina

I absolutely love this feeder. My dog is a grazer and with two other dogs in the house your feeder allows her to eat small snacks when she needs

- Grazer

We love this microchip feeder! The fact that the lid slides into the machine, versus opening up makes this not as scary for the cats. It is also quiet. I had one cat that took to it immediately.

- Mari-Teresa Gillespie