SureFlap Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder MPF001 - Uses Microchip or Collar Tag

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How It works

As your pet approaches the feeder, it recognizes their microchip or RFID collar tag, only opening for them. It then automatically closes when the cat moves away, preventing all other animals and children gaining access to their food.

  • Works with a pet's existing identification microchip or RFID collar tag (one tag included).
  • Designed for multi-pet homes to stop pets stealing each others' food.
  • Sealed bowl keeps food fresher and free of flies.
  • Ensures that prescription food is consumed by the right pet.
  • 6 months battery life (4 x C cell batteries -– not included).
  • Great for pets on weight management diets.
  • Suitable for both wet and dry food.
  • Feeder opening-Size of the area that your pet will eat from 8 1/4" (W) x 6 1/8" (H)
  • Feeder dimensions-Overall size of the Microchip Pet Feeder 12 5/8" (W) x 7 7/8" (H)
  • Bowl dimensions-Size of the inside of the bowl 4 1/8 (W) x 6 5/16" (H) x 1 3/16" (D)
    Mat dimensions-Size of the mat 8" (W) x 4 3/8" (H)

Whats In Included:

1 x Microchip Pet Feeder.

1 x Single Grey Bowl.

1 x Split Grey Bowl.

1 x Grey Mat.

1 x User Manual.

1 x SureFlap RFID Collar Tag (Batteries not included).


Sureflap Customer Service number (1-855-461-4740)

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 4
    great product

    Posted by Denis on 14th Sep 2017

    The rfid pet bowl is genius. Its helping save the lives of two cats. The fat one who over eats and the skinny one who doesn't eat fast enough to get it before the fat one does. Now the overeater walks away unable to get the grazers food. Awesome!

  • 5
    Good looking and it works well

    Posted by Cindy on 8th Mar 2017

    We have five cats - one of which is diabetic. She needs to eat on a strict schedule. One of the other cats was doing poorly on a schedule of eating only twice a day. He has always needed multiple small meals. He is learning to use the feeder and after only a few days, looks happier. This is just what we needed.

  • 5
    Fat Cat Chow Hound

    Posted by Robin on 25th Jun 2016

    Butterball Abner can't understand why the lid opens for the other cats and not him! The grazers are happy; a my fat cat can now stick to his diet!

  • 5

    Posted by Steven on 23rd Apr 2016

    Everything was great. Great service and product!

  • 4
    Destroyed by my labrador in 20 minutes

    Posted by Pamela Ziolkowski on 21st Apr 2016

    I have had the feeder for almost a year and have loved it. I have two cats that guzzle their food and one that is a grazer. The grazer has gained two pounds since his food has been protected hence the four star rating. The product will not keep large dogs at bay though. The feeder is usually in a bathroom out of my dogs' reach. But ants in the bathroom forced us to move the feeder. My Labrador made short work of the plastic rim where the chip reader resides. The feeder still works for now but don't think you can leave this feeder out around a large dog for long.

  • 5
    Life saver!!

    Posted by Laura on 14th Apr 2016

    We have two cats, one younger and one older with kidney issues. We needed a way to make sure the younger one didn't eat the older cat's very expensive prescription kidney food, and keep the older one from eating the younger cat's normal food. Honestly, there really there aren't many options out there but this product had great reviews so we gave it a shot. Both of our cats have microchips and it works quite well with them, though they have to get pretty far under the overhang for it to sense the chip. During training, the older cat took to it quite easily, as he loves food and is not skittish at all so the movement didn't bother him. The only thing he had to get used to was how far under the overhang he has to go to get it to open. The younger cat took much longer, as she is super scared of everything new. We had to keep it in training mode for over a week for her to feel comfortable, but finally she uses it without any problem. In terms of stealing each other's food, the younger one sometimes tries to sneak in beside the older one and eat next to him. This works for her maybe 50% of the time, though we have it on the fastest close setting. I'm hoping the older, more submissive cat will eventually learn to keep her out or perhaps with some discipline she won't try to do it anymore. Overall, I don't know what we would do without this product and it seems to work quite well for our needs. May not work with very aggressive cats paired with submissive ones. Otherwise highly recommended!

  • 5
    Money well spent!!!!!

    Posted by Kathy on 12th Apr 2016

    I have two three legged cats, three small dogs and one large dog. In an attempt to keep the dogs from eating the cat food I purchased a cat tree that was designed to feed them on. It had a plastic tray on top to set the food bowls on but the cats could not get clear to the top without using claws and the plastic covering prevented them from doing that. After the plastic cover was removed one of the cats still could not get up there to eat. So food was moved to the top of a desk with a stuffed chair beside it so they could make it to the top of the desk. Now both cats could get up there, unfortunately so couldn't the dogs. I was constantly yelling, get out of there, get down from there no cat was very frustrating and I felt like all I ever did was fill the cat food bowl. I saw this feeder on line and after checking it out I decided It was worth a try. My cats have never worn collars as they don't go outside at all. They had no problem getting use to a collar but I did put it on them for a few days, then put the tag on for a few days, then introduced them to the feeder. I followed the instructions and everything went pretty well until It got to the third step and they were a little hesitant. I put wet food in the feeder for a couple of days and that was the end of the hesitation. They took to it like white on rice! I then put dry food in and they use the feeder with no problems. I also found that I was saving money in cat food as the dogs were eating much more than I had thought. The best part was when one of the dogs went to the feeder after the training was over and the dish was completely closed. I started to yell and then realized I didn't have to. It was the best feeling and I loved every second of it. It is so nice not to have to worry about the cat food now! This is the best thing I have ever purchased. You won't be sorry. But I do recommend, like the books says, that you to the training in the manner that the books says. Don't rush it. Well worth every penny I paid for this feeder. I also purchased a cat door to put on a box that the litter pan will go in that works off the same tag. Haven't got it all done yet but will write a review on it when it is up and working. My little dogs love their "kitty crunchies" and I can't stand it when they get into the litter. Can't wait to see how this all works!

  • 5
    Awesome product for multiple cat households

    Posted by Kim White on 4th Apr 2016

    I have multiple cats who require different prescription diets. Thankfully I'm a stay at home mom and had the time to feed them multiple times a day and to keep guard over the food when feeding. Sometimes I fed a cat 20+ times a day, heaven forbid they want to eat at the same time. Problems arose when out of town, pet sitter couldn't keep up with the cats demands. I've tried other bowls that required my cats to wear a collar with a tag, with the lid raising up and down. All but one cat was afraid of the thing. The one who use it the lid would shut down on her head when she stuck her head in the bowl (I guess it couldn't read the tag anymore). The collars wore away the hair around another cat'S I aborted this idea. Then I got a Surefeed uses the cats collar. I started with my most fincky cat. It took a few weeks for her to get used to the bowl but once she was, my time was freed up. She pukes less because she eats when she's hungry, she's gained's awesome. I've got another cat who uses that food bowl too. Got a second bowl for another cat. I'm in heaven and so are the cats.

  • 5
    Be patient and it will work

    Posted by Sue Winkelman on 3rd Apr 2016

    I bought it because one cat is on prescription dry food and the other had been stealing it. It's real important to thoroughly read the user's guide and follow it religiously. It took a little over a month for Lucky to graduate to fully trained. Concerns I had: In training, his food would get stuck at the back end of the dish. With this feeder, your pet can't approach the dish from the side or back, only from the front. Especially for the wet food so I ended up only using it for dry food (the prescription food). One day both cats were eating side by side when I used the non-separated dish (food spread out over whole dish). Now, it's back to the two-part dish, with the food only on the left so only the authorized pet gets the food. Please do follow the guide religiously and don't rush.