Drinkwell Premium RF360 / PAC00-13712 Filters | 3-Pack Replacement for Drinkwell 360 Fountain | Even Charcoal Distribution for Optimal Water Filtration | Maintain Freshness | Change Every 2-4 Weeks

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Maintain Pristine Water Quality with Drinkwell Premium Filters

Ensure your pet enjoys the freshest water with the Drinkwell Premium Filters, designed for hassle-free maintenance and optimal hydration for your furry friends.

Advanced Filtration for Enhanced Purity

  • Even Distribution: Unique compartments provide equal distribution of charcoal, offering comprehensive and long-lasting filtration.
  • Regular Replacement: Changing the filter every 2-4 weeks as recommended keeps the water clean and tasting great.

Compatibility and Convenience

  • Designed for Drinkwell 360: These premium filters are made to fit perfectly with your Drinkwell 360 Fountain model, ensuring a seamless water flow.
  • Pack Size: Comes in a convenient 3-pack, keeping you stocked and ready for regular maintenance.

Product Details:

  • Model Number: RF360 / PAC00-13712
  • Specifically manufactured for the Drinkwell 360 Fountain
  • A product from Drinkwell, a trusted name in pet hydration

Importance of Clean Filters:

  • Health Benefits: A clean filter means fewer impurities in your pet's water, contributing to better overall health.
  • Taste Appeal: Regular filter changes keep the water tasting fresh, encouraging your pet to drink more.

Keep your Drinkwell 360 Fountain functioning at its best with these premium filters, and rest assured that your pets are hydrating with the cleanest water possible.

Warranty Information
One Year Manufacturer Warranty