Drinkwell PWW00-14898 Blue Stoneware Pagoda Fountain

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Himalayan Blue Stoneware Pagoda Fountain: Style Meets Health

Discover the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality with our Himalayan Blue Stoneware Pagoda pet fountain. Designed to provide your pets with 70 ounces of clean, oxygen-enriched water, this fountain ensures that staying hydrated is always a pleasure for your furry friends.

Hygienic Material

  • Stoneware Ceramic Elegance: Crafted from non-porous stoneware ceramic, it's not only eye-catching but also a healthier option for your pet.

Oxygenation Process

  • Water Aeration: The falling water design is not just engaging but also oxygenates the water, reducing bacteria growth and keeping the water tasting fresh.

Dual Drinking Areas

  • Versatile Drinking Options: With upper and lower dishes, your pets can choose their preferred spot, which can promote better hydration.

Free-Falling Streams

  • Dual Free-Falling Streams: Patented design ensures the water is aerated and encourages pets to drink more, enhancing their hydration.

Filtration System

  • Charcoal Filtration: Includes a replaceable charcoal filter that purifies your pet's water, removing tastes and odors for a pleasant drink every time.


  • 70-ounce water capacity
  • Effective charcoal filtration system
  • Non-porous, hygienic stoneware ceramic
  • Dual-level drinking stations
  • Instruction manual included
  • Compatible with Charcoal Filter Model PAC00-13906 and Foam Pre-Filter Model PAC00-13711
One Year Manufacturer Warranty