Dogtra CUE-RX Yellow Additional Collar/Receiver | Compatible with CUE-GRN | Customizable BOOST | For Sensitive Skin Dogs

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Dogtra CUE-RX Yellow Additional Collar/Receiver

Expand your Dogtra CUE-GRN training system with the vibrant Dogtra CUE-RX Yellow, an additional collar/receiver that seamlessly integrates into your setup. This extra collar/receiver, in a striking yellow color, is perfect for those looking to train multiple dogs or replace an existing component. Specially designed for dogs with sensitive skin, it features plastic contact points and can be worn in two orientations. The CUE-RX Yellow is an ideal choice for expanding your training capabilities, providing an effective and comfortable solution for your dog.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with Dogtra CUE-GRN: Designed for effortless integration into your training system.
  • Customizable BOOST Function: Offers 0-24 training levels for tailored intensity.
  • Plastic Contact Points: Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.
  • Versatile Collar Orientation: Wearable both vertically and horizontally.
  • Bright Yellow Color: Enhances visibility and adds a unique style.
  • Expandable Training Option: Perfect for adding an extra dog to your training regimen.

In the Box:

  • Dogtra CUE-RX Yellow Additional Collar/Receiver

Product Details: Model: CUE-RX Yellow Brand: Manufactured by Dogtra, renowned for producing high-quality and effective dog training products. The Dogtra CUE-RX Yellow is an excellent addition to your Dogtra CUE-GRN system, offering an additional or replacement collar/receiver that blends functionality with a distinctive color. Whether for professional training purposes or home use, this collar/receiver ensures effective training outcomes.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty