Dogtra ARC-HFP-RX Additional Receiver | Compatible with ARC HANDSFREE PLUS | Includes Orange Strap and HANDSFREE SQUARE

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Dogtra ARC-HFP-RX Additional Receiver

Expand or enhance your Dogtra ARC HANDSFREE PLUS training system with the Dogtra ARC-HFP-RX, an additional or replacement receiver specifically designed for seamless integration. This receiver comes with an orange strap for high visibility and includes a HANDSFREE SQUARE for remote control, offering a complete solution for training an additional dog or replacing a receiver. Suitable for dogs 15 pounds and larger, it provides the same reliable, medium output training as the original system.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with ARC HANDSFREE PLUS: Designed to integrate effortlessly with your existing system.
  • HANDSFREE SQUARE Included: Allows for remote control of the receiver.
  • 3/4-Mile Range: Adequate for training in various environments.
  • IPX9K Waterproof Certified: Ensures durability in all weather conditions.
  • Medium Output Receiver: Ideal for dogs with medium temperaments.
  • 127 Stimulation Levels: Rheostat dial and LCD screen for precise control.
  • Nick/Constant Stimulation & Pager Vibration: Versatile training options.
  • For Dogs 15lbs and Larger: Suitable for a wide range of dog sizes and breeds.
  • Orange Collar Strap: Provides high visibility and identification.

In The Box:

  • Receiver with Orange Collar Strap
  • Handsfree Square

Product Details: Model: ARC-HFP-RX Brand: Manufactured by Dogtra, known for its high-quality and innovative dog training products. The Dogtra ARC-HFP-RX is an essential addition for trainers or dog owners looking to expand their Dogtra ARC HANDSFREE PLUS system. Whether for professional training scenarios or daily obedience training, this additional receiver maintains the system's effectiveness and versatility.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty