Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS | 1902S-HFPlus | Advanced Two-Dog Training System with Remote Control | 3/4 Mile Range | IPX9K Waterproof | For Dogs 35lbs & Up

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Embark on a superior training journey with the Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS, a state-of-the-art system designed for the simultaneous training of two dogs. This model, 1902S-HFPlus, expertly combines the advanced features of the 1900S e-collar with the innovative HANDSFREE SQUARE, enabling remote control for a more flexible training experience. Ideal for family households or professional trainers managing multiple dogs, it offers hands-free operation, enhancing interaction and training efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Two-Dog System: Simultaneously train two dogs with one system.
  • HANDSFREE SQUARE: Remote control within 33 feet of the transmitter, facilitating hands-free operation.
  • Extended Range: A 3/4-mile range to cover more ground during training.
  • Multiple Stimulation Options: Includes 'Nick', 'Constant', and High Performance Pager Vibration.
  • Adjustable Stimulation Levels: Rheostat dial with levels from 0-127 for precise control.
  • IPX9K Waterproof Certified: Ensures durability in challenging environments.
  • High Output Receiver: For consistent and effective stimulation.
  • Ergonomic Design: Receivers shaped for the dog’s comfort.
  • LCD Screen: Displays battery life and stimulation level.
  • Expandable System: Can add up to 14 HANDSFREE SQUARES for various training scenarios.

In the Box:

  • Transmitter
  • 2 Collar/Receivers
  • (2) Handsfree Squares
  • Test Light
  • Battery Charger and 2 Splitter Cables
  • Owner's Manual

Product Details: The Dogtra 1902S HANDSFREE PLUS, 1902S-HFPlus, offers an unparalleled training solution for trainers and dog owners seeking a hands-free, versatile, and reliable system. Whether you're engaged in professional training sessions or managing a multi-dog household, this system adapts to your needs, ensuring effective and efficient training.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty